Tag: Western

  • Bone Tomahawk.

    S. Craig Zahler bursts onto the scene with his directorial début, Bone Tomahawk. Set in the old West, and centring around a rescue mission, lead by a determined and loyal Sheriff, this is a world of dust, blood and ego. When two citizens are kidnapped by a mysterious and threatening tribe, a devoted husband, an […]

  • Slow West.

    John Maclean’s feature length debut is a road movie. A young Scottish man, determined to get across America to find the woman he loves, is joined by a mysterious, ruthless loner who takes on the role of his mentor, guide and protector. Nobody knows who to trust and everyone’s intentions are questionable. Slow West is about […]

  • Ain’t Them Bodies Saints.

    When you do an internet image search for “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” the majority of photographs that appear are just like the one above. Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck interlocked as the two lead characters; their heads as close as possible to one another as the infatuated couple, Ruth and Bob. The montage of images […]

  • Westworld.


    When a film promises rogue cowboy robots, there is destined to be a particularly high level of enjoyment. Westworld explores the chaos that follows when the robots that operate on a futuristic, fantasy amusement park suffer a serious malfunction. The film opens with an advertisement for ‘Delos’ the amusement park that costs guests $1000 dollars […]