There is something irresistible about creepy children’s films. Firstly, they’re not suitable for children. Secondly, the complex animation and the caricature like characters causes my inner child to leap forth and indulge in the innocence of the artwork. The result, a film that is child-like in appearance but mature in its content and dialogue. Some examples of such films would be Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr, Fox or one of my favourite films, Mary and Max; Adam Elliot’s masterpiece that tackles an array of depressing adult issues in less than ninety minutes. The most recent film of this niche that I have enjoyed isParaNorman.

Now, ParaNorman is rated PG, so, technically, it is suitable for children, although personally I felt it was a little too frightening in parts for a young audience. Many of the jokes and the horror film references will have drifted over the heads of children but it is not an adult film in the way that Persepolis is. It doesn’t have bad language like that ofPersepolis and it does not have a darker meaning like that of Waltz with Bashir.
From the same creative minds of Coraline, this film is highly entertaining and absorbing due to its amusing characters and evocative world. It is not a masterpiece and it does not quite live up to the wonder of Coraline, but it sure is worth a watch. I am not going to review ParaNorman in great detail. It is a perfect escape on a rainy September afternoon and a film that will put a smile on your face before the memory of it begins to fade. It is nothing special or particularly impressive and I would have liked a handful more horror references. However, there certainly is something devilishly indulgent about watching a beautifully animated and crafted piece of work that appears to be so innocent and child friendly when really it turns out to be darker than initially believed.

Waltz with Bashir (2008)
Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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