Just a quick personal entry to update you on my current circumstances. Yesterday I graduated from the University of Leeds. I received a First Class Honours in BA Film Studies. I have had a splendid time at University and my passion for film has grown over the past three years and I am so proud of my results and the experience that I have gained through my course and my friendships. Most of all I will miss the friends and lecturers who inspire and drive my passion for cinema with long discussions about actors, actresses, film studios, genres and directors. Whilst living in Leeds I have discovered a personal love of film reviewing and film research and now look ahead to moving to Edinburgh to study my MSc in Film Studies in order to develop my knowledge and passion even further.

Whilst at University I have enjoyed many wonderful times at The National Media Museum making great contacts and meeting interesting and welcoming individuals. I look forward to returning in the future for future festivals, screenings and grand days out. Leeds has also opened my eyes to independent picture houses and it is perhaps the Hyde Park Picture House that I will miss most of all. Evenings, afternoons and nights have been spent in the balcony of this majestic cinema that allowed me to see certain film that multiplexes simply don’t offer. However future students should beware: if it wasn’t for the Hyde Park Picture House then perhaps I’d have had considerably more financial savings ready for Edinburgh. Don’t be mistaken, it is by no means expensive! It is tremendous value for money. It is their vast and varied cinematic programme that meant I spent far too many hours neglecting my essays and assignments. Still, hours very well spent as there is always something exciting and enticing on at the Hyde Park Picture House.

Looking towards the future is a terrifying prospect but an exciting one none the less. Edinburgh will hopefully offer even more friendship, inspiration, cinema and experience. Farewell Leeds. After an upcoming week away in Cornwall with three of my most beloved I will prepare to make this scary and promising move to Edinburgh. Wish me luck folks.

Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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