Edinburgh: November.

My third month in Edinburgh has gone even faster than the first two. These last weeks before I return home for the Christmas period have been filled with essay related stress and occasional moments of self doubt. Luckily, I have been visited by several close friends who have encouraged me and helped to put things into perspective. A companion from my time in Leeds came for a weekend, allowing me a break from studying and this provided an excuse to drink tea at The Elephant House, wander through the park and have a really lovely catch up. It is so interesting to see how different my life is from my friends who graduated with me. I am so happy to still be studying but I do envy them for being in full time work and earning their own money. Every penny I earn is going towards my tuitions fees. My part time job has been as dismal as ever but taking holidays to do my essays has been a blessing. I’ve had time, amongst the frantic library sessions, to explore the city and camp out in both The Cameo and The Filmhouse. 

A late night showing of The Blood on Satan’s Claw has turned out to be one of the cinematic highlights of the month. I have also been watching some wonderful films as part of my course. Giving a recent presentation on Michael Haneke allowed me to revisit his work and see several of his films that I hadn’t experienced before. I have also gained a new interest in Terence Malick after seeing Badlands  and The Tree of Life and discussing him intensely. Although I find myself still struggling with the academic expectations of the course I am trying to stay positive. I am putting everything into my current assignments and am taking comfort in the fact that I can only do my best. Academia does not come naturally to me but I am enjoying the seminars and screenings. 

Brunch at S. Luca, Morningside.

My ‘sort of’ sister-in-law came to stay along with her three years old and her partner, recently. It turned out that another weekend of museum visiting and brunches was very much needed. We spent a relaxing few days visiting the castle and the royal mile as well as getting all cosy in our pyjamas and singing along to 
The Lion King. It was a very special weekend that reminded me of all the support I have at home. I leave Edinburgh on Saturday and it will have been three months since I have been home. I am incredibly excited. Spending six weeks at home means missing all of Edinburgh’s holiday period but unfortunately my priority is to work during the holidays so it can not be avoided. As I look forward to some re-cooperation at home and an exciting year ahead, it is baffling how far I have come in one year. 2013 has seen me graduate, move to Scotland and start my MSc. Edinburgh, my current adventure, will be missed during my six weeks away but right now all I need in a cup of tea with my Mother. 

Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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