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Hello, I’m Hannah – founder of and sole contributor to Reel Insight!

It’s been almost six years since I started Reel Insights and began to write about cinema and the film industry on a weekly basis. Since then, Reel Insights has visited numerous film festivals, interviewed directors about their work and continued to bring you weekly film reviews and food-for-thought. I began Reel Insights aged 20, midway through my undergraduate film degree. What began as a way to develop as a writer and journalist developed into a weekly labour of love where I’ve been able to express my infatuation for film, and I’ve managed picked up a few readers along the way. Since beginning Reel Insights I’ve been a student, a check-out girl, a bar tender, a post graduate an office temp, a university tour guide, an admin assistant, a PA, a programme assistant, an intern and a programme coordinator. I’ve held down a variety of jobs – mainly to get myself through my higher education – all the while continuing to pour all of my enthusiasm and passion for film into this site. It’s brought me hours of joy and creative satisfaction and continues to be a weekly devotion of mine. I now work full time as Programme Coordinator at Sheffield Doc/Fest – working across both the film and virtual realities programmes. I love my job and I’ve worked very hard to get here. Still, Reel Insights remains a professional venture and devotion which I attempt to keep going even when I’ve had the busiest of weeks.

All of that said, if you enjoy Reel Insights as much as I enjoy working on it then you can now become a Reel Insights Patron! From as little as $1 a month, you can help to keep my creative endeavours afloat. Even the smallest of contributions is deeply appreciated and comes with a tailored reward. I must apologise for the most unsubtle of attempts to self-promote but if you are a regular, frequent or occassional visitor to either or and would like to support the ongoing improvements to the site and content then I would love nothing more than to announce you on the website as one of the Reel Insights Patrons!

Thank you for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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