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  • Inside Out.

    Inside Out.

    Pixar’s prominence within contemporary mainstream animation film is undeniable. Now, secured against the thick belt around the glutinous belly of Disney there have been concerns about the animation studio having peaked. With flat sequels like Cars 2 seeming to prove this theory, it’s been a concern for many of us that Pixar’s golden years may […]

  • Shaun the Sheep Movie.

    There has been some speculation and concern about whether or not Shaun the Sheep could translate to the big screen. I can only assume the concern was about the television programme of the same title and not the bleating beauty himself. Of course, Shaun was born on the big screen. He made the unconventional transition […]

  • Big Hero 6.

    Big Hero 6.

    A new year is upon us and I’m back reviewing movies here at Reel Insights. It feels nice to return – particularly to review such an exceptional movie as Disney’s Big Hero 6. Taking its source material from Marvel, whom they own, Disney have captured not only a sense of current popular culture’s fascination with […]

  • The Book of Life.

    The Book of Life.

    Now and again, amidst the mounds of garbage that studios churn out for children, films like The Book of Life appear. A film about bravery and love, The Book of Life is rich in aesthetic, witty in dialogue and enchanting in story. The film has layers which it glides back and forth between throughout its hour and a half […]

  • The Wind Rises.

    The Wind Rises.

    Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film is hard to review fairly because of our awareness that it is his last – or so he says. For decades, Miyazaki has been animating, directing and writing for cinema and is responsible for some of contemporary cinema’s most moving and philosophical animated films. A master of his specific style of […]

  • Mary & Max.

    Mary & Max.

    In 2003, Harvie Krumpet won an Academy Award for best animated short film. A 22 minute Australian clay animation, Harvie Krumpet tells the heart-breaking story of one man and his battle with a lot of misfortune whilst remaining ever the optimist. Illness, war, old age, disability and loss swamp Harvie’s existence but he never allows any of this to […]

  • Frozen.

    In 2010 Disney released Tangled. Despite trying to do something new and refreshing Tangled ended up feeling a little too familiar with the modernised fairytale being thoroughly worn out since the success and originality of Shrek. Tangled also demonstrated Disney’s attempt to step up their game as collaborators and partners and animation rivals Pixar churning out a vast number of high quality […]

  • Trusting the Monsters.

    At the humble age of 9 I eagerly sat in my cinema seat awaiting a screening of Monsters Inc. To this day it remains my favourite Pixar film. Like all Pixar masterpieces, it contains strong messages about individuality, ambition, friendship and the importance of self belief and thought. The comedy and emotion are of an exceptionally high […]

  • Personal Collections.

    Today I got round to organising the mountain of films that dominate my bedroom shelves. Sorting out my DVD collection turned out to be as enjoyable as it was frustrating. The mammoth task, that was filtering and reordering my films, has lead to me contemplating about how it is that we present our passion for […]

  • “It’s Quite Amazing To Walk Into A Magical World Everyday.”

    Ever since I was five years old, I have been charmed by the work of Aardman Animations. I recall my fifth Christmas, watching Wallace & Gromit in the Wrong Trousers repeatedly, and laughing hysterically at the greatest silent actor the world has ever seen; not Keaton, not Chaplin…but Gromit. I remember falling in love with Chicken Run at the age of […]