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  • The Soulful Sketches of the Students.

    Today I found myself sat in the Cubby Broccoli cinema at the National Media Museum, where I was attending the 19th Bradford Animation Festival. Held every year at the National Media Museum, the festival runs for five days and provides its audiences with a vast and varied selection of events and screenings. Here I was, sat in […]

  • Tales of the Night.

    Tales of the Night.

    Sometimes, all you want from a film is a good story. So many films that are terribly acted and filmed, have been saved by the storyline that runs within them. As I sat down in the beautiful Film House of Edinburgh to watch Tales of the Night, I didn’t realise I would be treated to […]

  • Brothers Quay.

    I have spent this evening watching four short films by the animators and directors, the Quay brothers. As is was also a Q & A session, I had the pleasure of hearing them being interviewed about their current work with the city of Leeds. The identical twins, Stephen and Timothy, sat awkwardly upon the Hyde […]

  • Romance in the Animation.

    Whilst sat in the cinema with A Monster in Paris playing in front of me, I found my eyes drifting over the screen, constantly admiring the beauty of the animation. Every scene was detailed and captivating and when I wasn’t admiring the illustration I was falling in love with the charismatic characters before me. As […]