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  • Sunshine on Leith.

    Before I begin, it is crucial that I emphasise how much I wanted to enjoy this film. Living in Edinburgh and soaking myself in the pride and celebration of such a wonderful city is something I am very keen to do. Recently, I re-watched L’illusionniste with my flat mate in order to indulge in the romanticism of […]

  • Edinburgh: September.

    I’ve been living in Scotland’s capital for almost a month now. Balancing my part time job and my university work is proving to be a tough struggle but I’ve always enjoyed a challenge. My MSc course is proving to be fascinating, enjoyable and encouraging. Working to pay for my tuition fees is a frustrating necessity […]

  • Graduation.

    Just a quick personal entry to update you on my current circumstances. Yesterday I graduated from the University of Leeds. I received a First Class Honours in BA Film Studies. I have had a splendid time at University and my passion for film has grown over the past three years and I am so proud […]

  • Tales of the Night.

    Tales of the Night.

    Sometimes, all you want from a film is a good story. So many films that are terribly acted and filmed, have been saved by the storyline that runs within them. As I sat down in the beautiful Film House of Edinburgh to watch Tales of the Night, I didn’t realise I would be treated to […]