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  • Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018: 5 Must See Movies.

    Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018: 5 Must See Movies.

    Returning for its 25th edition, Sheffield Doc/Fest will be taking over Sheffield city centre in just 24 days. One of the largest documentary film festivals in the world, it consists of a programme of almost 200 films along with the Alternate Realities programme – exhibiting 25 virtual and interactive reality projects from across the world. With big […]

  • Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017: 5 Must See Films.

    Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017: 5 Must See Films.

    In just a matter of weeks, the world’s third largest Documentary Film Festival returns to Sheffield for its 24th year. From Friday 9th to Wednesday 14th June, Doc/Fest will take place across the city with a diverse programme of films, public talks, industry sessions, new technologies and virtual reality exhibitions and late night parties. From […]

  • Where to Invade Next.

    In his latest documentary, Michael Moore crosses the pond with the intention of invading European countries to steal their good ideas. As always, he approaches the subject with his tongue in his cheek and with an aim to bring some humour to the injustice and misery he uncovers. This is a film entirely about America […]

  • Sheffield Doc/Fest: Staff Highlights.

    I’ve been working for Sheffield International Documentary Festival for 7 months. I’ve now seen the Festival from both sides; as a member of the press and a member of the hard-woking team behind the scenes. Alongside a varied and ambitious film programme, there are also talks, sessions, debates and interviews and the ever-growing virtual realities […]

  • A Young Patriot.

    We first meet Zhao Chantong at the age of 19. Like many young men, he’s idealistic, passionate and naive. Like many young men, Zhao will change and grow greatly over the next three years of his life. Haibin Du’s documentary paints an intricate picture of youth and lost souls. A Young Patriot handled not only […]

  • Merchants of Doubt.

    Oddly humorous despite all of its depressing revelations, Merchants of Doubt follows in the footsteps of other great social and political whistle-blowing documentaries; uncovering the corruption that plagues the tobacco, sugar and oil industries. Highlighting the regurgitation by said industries of the same accusations, tactics and power moves, Merchants of Doubt is a complicated, rigorous documentary […]

  • Learning to Drive.

    When her 20 years of marriage comes to an abrupt and painful end, Wendy finds herself heartbroken and unable to move forward – in more ways than one. The process of beginning to move on from her failed marriage is linked to her attempts to learn to drive. Two decades of dependency on someone else […]

  • Cartel Land.

    Danger and documentary have always gone hand in hand. The great masters of the genre have always strived to put their art before their safety. Matthew Heineman takes risk to a new level in Cartel Land, proving himself to be made of the same courageous steel that’s present within the likes of Werner Herzog.  A […]

  • Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon.

    The clue’s in the title. Documenting the rise of the National Lampoon magazine and its prominence within outrageous humour and American pop-culture, Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon is the tale of one of contemporary American comedies most prolific outlets. Beginning with the satirical journalism and later looking at the presence […]

  • A Sinner in Mecca.

    Sexuality, religion, barbarity and spirituality all come under discussion in A Sinner in Mecca – Parvez Sharma’s follow up to his début A Jihad for Love. Being both a homosexual man and devout Muslim, Sharma explores the supposed contradictions of his sexuality in the face of his religion. An extension of his first feature, A […]