The Infinite Man.

Time travel is always a problematic and ambitious subject to attempt. So often these films resort to either glossing over the unexplainable, or embrace them whole-heartedly. The Infinite Man does neither. It balances the complexities with the acceptance of its own confusion in a way that keeps the audience enthralled whilst they ponder the situation for themselves. When Dean attempts to improve what was a disastrous anniversary weekend he begins a journey into the unknown where everytime you look there is a new face peeping through the blinds. Dean and his exhausting need for control and perfection is already taking its toll on his girlfriend Lana, but things become even more conflicted when he takes her on a journey into time and space. As they so often do in time-travel features, things don’t quite go to plan and, before he knows it, Dean is drowning in a world where new faces keep appearing from the past, the future and the who knows where. The Infinite Man is utterly charming. It is funny throughout and takes us on a fabulous ride into the desperation of a love sick perfectionist and and exciting voyage into numerous timelines.

The film’s one location plays host to only three characters. The great performances from the minuscule cast is enough to entertain us for the whole length of the film. The dialogue is sharp and witty and delivered superbly by Josh McConville, Hannah Marshall and Alex Dimitriades. This is a well constructed stroke of genius that remains hilarious from start to finish. It is refreshing to watch such an equally intelligent and humorous drama that doesn’t need to move location and, instead, moves through chronology. Dean causes his own problems. His intensity makes him all the more frustrating and it is great fun to watch him tangle himself up in one disaster after another. Simplistic and well crafted,The Infinite Man remains one of the best of the film festival; a pleasant surprise in the final days. The film remains unique in not only its concept but its wit. It is hard to pin down just what kind of comedy this is. Perhaps you don’t need to label something when it’s this good. 85 minutes spent with Dean and Lana keeps you guessing and keeps you smiling, trying to stay one step ahead of our baffled characters in the hope that they’ll come out of the other end unscathed.

Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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