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  • Moonlight.


    From its first intoxicating moment, to its last; Moonlight is the sensational underdog of this year’s American award season. Capturing the life and mind-set of a young boy entering adulthood in Miami, Moonlight captures the ugliness of adolescence, the agony of addiction and the frustration of growing up as a young, black, gay man in […]

  • Directing Lancashire.

    Having grown up in Lancashire, I did what so many others did – I moved away for University. After spending three years in Leeds and another in Edinburgh I returned home to my first graduate job in the arts, back in Preston. Such is the norm that those who’ve grown up in Lancashire feel the […]

  • Gangs of New York.

    The Wolf of Wall Street marks the fifth collaborative effort between director Martin Scorsese and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The duo will only need to make another three films together in order to equal the number of ‘Bobby and Marty’ joint efforts. Their first cinematic collaboration was the gruesome and relentless Gangs of New York. Scorsese is […]

  • Short Film Reviews: Jeremiah Kipp.

    It is a rare and joyous delight when I am contacted and asked to review a director’s work. Today, it is director Jeremiah Kipp’s work that I will be discussing. Jeremiah Kipp is based in New York and has been making short films and commercials for over a decade. The three films he has asked me to […]

  • The Piano Teacher.

    Perhaps Michael Haneke’s most refined and meaningful piece of work, The Piano Teacher is far from an easy watch. In typical Haneke-style, there is unpredicted physical violence, repression and unanswered questions but all of this comes together to form a majestic yet twisted piece of contemporary European cinema. This take on the melodrama, tells the story of […]

  • Paddy’s Paradise.

    “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin” – William Shakespeare When I occasionally have the privilege of watching independent films made by aspiring film directors, I am reminded of the beauty and addiction of cinema. Despite my personal disinterest and inability to make my own films, I am amazed at the dedication, commitment […]

  • Spring Breakers.

    Harmony Korine’s new film has promised to divide audiences from the release of its first teaser trailer. Taking several actresses famous for their sweet, innocent work for America’s Disney Channel and mixing them in with a world of drugs, promiscuity, greed and violence, Spring Breakers creates a darker image of Spring break. It is hard to summarise the film […]