Paddy’s Paradise.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin” – William Shakespeare When I occasionally have the privilege of watching independent films made by aspiring film directors, I am reminded of the beauty and addiction of cinema. Despite my personal disinterest and inability to make my own films, I am amazed at the dedication, commitment … Continue reading

BIFF Highlights: 2013

After a splendid few days at The National Media Museum, my time at Bradford’s 19th International Film Festival drew to a close. Having already reviewed several of the events and screenings I attended, my reflections on the festival have already begun. With so much going on at the festival it is tough to identify my … Continue reading


In 2008, director Marc Price intrigued audiences and festival goers with his zombie movie Colin. Created for a staggering £40, Colin demonstrated Price’s ambition and directorial skill. Now, five years later, audiences are being exposed to Price’s follow up film, made on a slightly more substantial budget. Magpie tells the story of one man’s decision to face up to his failure as a … Continue reading

A Deserved Winner.

His outstanding performance as the beloved William Fisher in the glorious film adaptation of Keith Waterhouse’s beloved novel Billy Liar was witty and intelligent. From Dr Zhivago to The Dresser, Tom Courtenay has become one of the most respected actors in the country. He began as the face of the ‘kitchen-sink’ drama and, since then, has moulded himself into a highly … Continue reading

Welcome Back Cinerama…

Bradford National Media Museum is proud to welcome back its Widescreen Weekend. From April 26th-28th, as part of the 19th Bradford International Film Festival, the National Media Museum will be celebrating the 60th Anniversary of CinemaScope. The first three-panel film to be made in 50 years will also be screened at the festival. In the Picture, directed by … Continue reading

The Return of the Brothers.

I am counting down the weeks until Bradford International Film Festival returns to the National Media Museum. Last year I attended several events at the festival and formed some wonderful memories and had some very insightful experiences. I watched Mark Kermode interviewing the sensational Ray Winstone about his career and reflections upon it. Winstone proved … Continue reading