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  • Good Time.

    Good Time.

    The Safdie brothers shook me to my core in 2015 with their intoxicating character study, Heaven Knows What. Now they return with an equally raw and intense tale of delinquency on the fringes of society in downtrodden New York. Last time, their star was directly from the streets they were portraying, this time Robert Pattinson takes […]

  • Shin Godzilla.

    Shin Godzilla.

    With nuclear war feeling more of a potential imminent reality than ever before, we can welcome a new Godzilla film with open arms. Since the creature’s iconic debut back in 1954, our monstrous protagonist has taken many different forms – partly because of the changing technological abilities of cinema but also as a result of […]

  • Baby Driver.

    Baby Driver.

    Edgar Wright finally makes his highly anticipated directorial return following on from the underwhelming The World’s End, the final instalment of his ‘Three Flavours Cornetto’ trilogy. Since its energetic SXSW premiere earlier this year, Baby Driver has been a much talked about potential hit of the year and finally pulls into cinemas this Wednesday. The […]

  • Roger Moore: My Bond.

    Roger Moore: My Bond.

    The recent passing of Sir Roger Moore has forced me to reflect on my childhood and the James Bond films that heavily influenced it. Where I was growing up, every Sunday was about three things – church, lunch and James Bond. After a satisfying Sunday roast my brothers and I would slump in front of […]

  • Colossal.


    Booted out of her New York apartment by her exasperated partner, Gloria finds herself back in her childhood town, sleeping on the floor of her now empty family home. Having been out of work for over a year Gloria’s life has become a toxic cycle of heavy late night drinking and sleeping through the day […]

  • Alien: Covenant.

    Alien: Covenant.

    Alien is undoubtedly a near-perfect film which continues to dazzle and impress me each time I return to it. Ridley Scott’s bold aesthetic choices and simplistic approach to both the film’s story and visuals results in something altogether cinematically extraordinary. Although many believe an argument can be made for James Cameron’s Aliens, I see little greatness […]

  • The Girl with All the Gifts.

    TV director Colm McCarthy has turned his hand to cinema with his debut feature The Girl with All the Gifts. Evidently inspired by Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, and other such Brit-zombie re-imaginings that have gone before it, The Girl with All the Gifts is a violent and sombre affair. We are introduced to a […]

  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

    Based on the written work of Barry Crump and spawning from the mischievous mind of director Taika Waititi comes Hunt for the Wilderpeople – the tale of a troublesome foster kid and his somewhat reluctant foster-uncle. The unlikely duo find themselves on the run in the density of the New Zealand bush, chased by both the […]

  • Deadpool.

    At one point in Deadpool there is discussion and commentary over the poop emoji. For those to whom this is unfamiliar, it is just one of the many miniature images that many of us now send to each other, via our smart phones, in the place of dialogue and verbal communication. The emoji in question is […]

  • Spectre.

    The more I talk about contemporary James Bond movies with friends and family the more I’m convinced that the world is divided into two types of people: those who liked Skyfall and those who didn’t. Plus there’s the sub-group of those who dislike Daniel Craig and don’t watch new Bond movies at all. I found Skyfall to […]